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With over 15 years of fundraising experience, we are a major player in the market

Control mechanisms

  • By accompanying producers throughout their project right up to the final inspection, we have complete control over the financial flows required to produce the project.
  • Regular reporting on ongoing Tax Shelter transactions.
  • Investments and Financial returns are kept in an ING account specifically created for each production.
  • We take out tax insurance that provides comprehensive cover (subject to exclusion clauses) if the Tax Shelter certificate is not or only partially obtained. The tax insurance we offer guarantees the successful completion of productions, and covers the effective loss of the tax benefit, interest on any arrears, the grossing up of premiums received, and the possible bankruptcy of the producer.


  • We have a finance and tax department that is ready to answer all of your questions.
  • We have a finance and tax department that is ready to answer all of your questions.
  • We will simplify every stage of the process (eg calculation of your investment capacity, online bookings, management of your file with the tax authorities).
  • Our prospectus has been approved by the FSMA (available here)

Solidarity clause*

In the event that the insurance does not indemnify the Investor in case of failure to obtain or only partially obtain the Tax Shelter certificate, e.g. as a result of non-compliance with the insurability conditions, producer obligations and/or exclusion clauses:

Shelter Prod and Taxshelter.be jointly undertake to compensate the Investor for the loss of the actual tax benefit on the basis of the AER (which may be less than the amount of the Investment) and any default interest, the whole not grossed up.
The recognised producer of the work joins this contractual obligation to compensate the Investor.
Taxshelter.be and Shelter Prod also have a contractual commitment to pay the Financial Return.

Note: this coverage is specific to Taxshelter.be.

* The coverage offered by Taxshelter.be does not apply where the failure to obtain the Certificate, in whole or in part, is due to an error on the part of the Investor who has failed to fulfil one of their contractual obligations for a transaction with Taxshelter.be.