Our promise

Since its creation in 2004, Taxshelter.be’s mission has been to help investors obtain their tax benefits and financial returns.

Thanks to the implementation of control mechanisms, Taxshelter.be can offer its investors a regulated product, in exchange for a market-based intermediation fee (13%).

  • We carefully select projects and can build on our extensive experience in financing audiovisual productions (19 years).
  • We monitor and control the eligible expenses we finance throughout the production.
  • We take out first-class insurance (free, to cover the possible loss of tax benefit).
  • We support and advise the Investor at every step of the process.
  • We provide each Investor with a fully secure online space that allows them to access all the information on their Investment File in real time.
  • Taxshelter.be deposits the Investment and the financial return into a dedicated ING bank account for each production.
  • The transfer of the Investment to the project producer takes place as and when the expenditure is checked by the supervisory body of Taxshelter.be. The amount of the financial return remains in the dedicated bank account for 18 months.

Please note that a Tax Shelter transaction involves a number of risks. These are detailed in our prospectus (pages 15 to 26) which you can view by clicking here.