In practice

The company signs a Framework Agreement no later than the end of the financial year. The company invests in an audiovisual work, a stage production or a video game in order to obtain a Tax Certificate.
We take care of the notification of the Framework Agreement to MinFin. The tax exemption is granted to the Investor. This exemption is temporary and must be confirmed with a Tax Attestation issued by the Tax Shelter unit (within 4 years).
The company is given 3 months to pay the Investment after signing the Framework Agreement.
The Financial Return is paid out 18 months after payment of the Investment.
The Tax Attestation confirming the 421% tax exemption is issued no later than 31 December of the fourth year after the signing of the first Framework Agreement.
The Tax Shelter Investment involves five phases
1. Signing of the Framework Agreement
(before the end of the Investor’s financial year)
2. TS application to MinFin and Tax Exemption
(temporarily until the final Tax Certificate is received)
3. Payment of the Investment
(maximum 3 months after signing)
4. Payment of the Financial Return
(18 months after TS payment)
5. Receipt of Tax Certificate
(no later than 31 December of the fourth year after signing the agreement – 5 years during the covid period)

If the amount invested is too high or it was not possible to allocate all or part of it to one or more works, the exemption can be postponed for 4 years.